Multifamily construction in Ohio

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Hi Folks, i am exploring to construct 30-50 unit apartment complex in cleveland Ohio, preferably modular construction. does anyone have good references in that space? Also i would like to invite experts in that area to give some inputs on  costs involed,  steps and gotchas to be aware of ?

@Chaithra Kumar I have some experience with modular construction. I built my own home I. Alexandria, VA as a modular home. I think this is the way to go. My construction time was only four months and I could easily have cut that down to two months.

I am currently helping a client with a 20 unit apartment complex in DC. We are in the initial design phase. In order to make your project efficient the modular units have to be built in the factory as much as possible. Site work should be limited and that will depend on the design and finishes.

There will also be parts that have to be constructed on site so there needs to be lots of coordination in both the design and construction phase. The design has to start with modular in mind. Don’t think any design can be turned into a modular unit because it will cost too much money.

There is so much to go over I would be happy to do it over a phone call.

Do you have your eye on a lot already? The pockets that new construction makes sense are few and far between around here. I'm guessing that's why you're looking at modular housing, but it's still tough to make it work. Very curious to hear if you're able to pull something off!