Grandfathered tenants:changes in utility payments do's and don't?

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Hi to all! 

I am about to make an offer on a 4-unit property in Jacksonville, FL., but it looks like the seller has a long term tenant and a new one moving in on March 1st. The issue that I am running into is that the rent on both of these leases are well below market rate and on top of that, the water is included in the rent price. I got in touch with the utility company and it looks like the four units are on separate meters. So for the two new tenants, I would like to have them pay their own water bill. My question is, if all four tenants are living in the same property can two pay for their own utilities and two not, considering they were grandfathered in?

"Grandfathered?" Usually not a big deal. Look at the leases and their expiry dates. FL is fairly landlord friendly so as soon as the lease expires you can present them with "your" lease with new terms (rent, utility responsibility etc).

The only thing I will be careful of is the current owner “stuffing” the units with new tenants for you. Often times they will grab easy upfront money knowing they don’t have to deal with a marginal tenant in a couple of months when they offload the property to you. I have previously asked sellers not to rent the vacant units during the contract period.