Multifamily Agency Specialist

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My partners and I specialize in selling businesses. As a result, we have brokers licenses in the three NW states we operate. I personally have been a very active multifamily investor for 15 years. Today my wife and I manage 30 doors. We are considering building a multifamily real estate brokerage niche. Only taking listings, and working with buyers, interested in buying or selling multifamily. We are curious if such a niche works. If anyone has any experience with an office like that? And if so, where and who they are so that we may reach out. I am curious if it can work in rural area. Our home state only has $1 million people. Most of the agents are generalists. Please let us know. 

@Scott Lester Super interesting! First of all, congrats on all of the success you have had so far. Where are the 30 doors you currently own?

You want to buy a real estate brokerage? Any idea of a location? That's an interesting strategy but I do not have any experience in that area. Hopefully someone else can chime in.

@Scott Lester Are you asking if there are boutique multifamily brokerages out there? The answer would be yes. Brokers develop relationships with buyers and brokers to build "pocket" listings. You also have buyer's brokers who exclusively represent a buyer to located opportunities for a commission. Many buyers are not willing to do this. Hopefully, I understood your question correctly.