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Just thought I would double check on this issue - Is "_____ REALTY" a bad name for a development company that then holds and manages the property? What are better suffixes - enterprises? development? properties?

"______ Realty" denotes a brokerage firm to me...

J Scott, no offense - thank you for your input. However I was hoping for another perspective this time on the issue. Also looking for idea for other suffixes. Thanks.


Great suffixes by Sebastian but he forgot to list the one he used ______ Enterprises. Using a name that has nothing to do with real estate means you can dabble into other non property related projects if the opportunity arose. This is because the name isnt too industry specific. So Joe Blogs says he has got a deal in Solar Panels but says only established companies can get an opportunity, there is nothing in your company name that your industry is not in the business of renewable energy.

Thanks Annunciata, I actually just had the same thought! I think I'm going to go with that.

The thing I realized is that big developers don't ever hold properties in their "famous name". They use their famous name for LOIs and contracts and PR but then at closing they drop it in a separate entity to cordon off any liability.

@Matt Liu You can also use ___________ Properties. or

__________Proeprties and Development, etc.

We use a name for our LLC and development company, then another name for our real estate company, and yet another for our construction company.

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