New MultiFamily Marketing Plan

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BP Team,

Our ownership group got final planning board approval this past Tuesday for our new 64 unit apartment complex in Upstate NY!  Ground breaking should be in the next two weeks!

That being said we would like to begin a comprehensive marketing plan to maximize the pre leasing during the construction phase.  Does anyone have a marketing plan template or timeline that I can use?

I am thinking a website, direct mailers, community sponsorship events etc.

Any information on what other people have done in the past would be a great help!



Congrats on the recent success!  Where exactly in upstate NY is this?  I have heard upstate described as westchester to buffalo depending on who is talking.  

@Chris Vacek  and @Michael Sherwood  

Upstate NY in this case is Rome, NY right outside Utica.  We are working to create a luxury apartment market in that space with all of the new jobs at Griffis tech park and impending Marcy Nanotech.

Do either of you have any experience in developing a marketing plan for a new community?



Thanks for the additional info.  I have never developed a marketing plan for a new community unfortunately...plenty of experience with branded product campaigns but nothing for an entire community but it seems exciting.

With your target market being  employees of nearby businesses I would suggest getting in touch with their HR departments and offering incentives to either the employer or employees.

But that's just one idea.  Your looking for the whole shebang.

Didn't mean to revive a really old thread, but I was curious how this project turned out.  

Any updates?

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