Does anyone know where to find a small stackable washer/dryer

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I am renovating a condo I own to sell and I can't find a stackable dryer/washer that fit the space.  All the dryer/washer center I found are 27" depth, I can only have the set that is 24-25" in depth. Does anyone know where I can find those? 




I don't know if they make washers and dryers in that depth. Did you ask you local appliance store, or laundry company? They might be able to direct you in the right direction.


Home depot offers the ability to search by dimensions (including depth.) I imagine some other sellers do as well, check the sidebar when searching.

I did a quick search on HD and the only 22" inch depth washer is $899...

Keep in mind that gas dryers will require extra space behind for the vent and gas pipe. Electric dryers can be unvented because no carbon monoxide is created. It will add heat to the space though.

Here is a 23" depth ventless electric dryer as an example. Home depot may have more options searching near your area.

It will depend on the wall behind the unit but I was able to take out the rear wall of a closet & retrofit a stackable all-in-one unit. I had to side fit the water & electrical hookups to avoid having to accommodate them in the rear & I was able to use a run of side venting to vent the dryer into the side walls.

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You could get a ventless combination unit from loses (item #598801) or two individual stackable mini units (item #388467 and #395877)

I meant Lowes not loses.

thank you everyone! I got the one I needed from Sears. It has 27th in depth but it turned out that you can install the vent on the side to save about 4" in the back.