Construction Knowledge Verified

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I have been working on a bathroom with good friend and contractor @Kevin Lochen and the project has been riddled with issues from mold to structure. This home is 90+ years old with previous renovations completed. When we attempted to raise the floors to allow us to sister the existing joists one of the existing joists split. Immediately I had the guys stop the lifting process, reinforce the joists with two temporary walls and called the structural engineer. 

The engineer came out and asked what my plan was for the bathroom and other questions that would affect the calculations needed to plan the permanent structural reinforcement. After I explained my plan in detail, he told me that what I plan to do was well thought out and creative but he had to make sure that the load calculations would support my theories. 

I have been in the real estate industry since 1990 and construction since 1997. I have been working extremely hard to get practical experience and knowledge in construction through work in the field and the reading of many books. It is nice to know that I have learned enough to get the thumbs up from a very experienced structural engineer. 

Here is the lifting of the floor:

It is a bit complicated @John Weidner but we have to sister the existing joists and create a channel in the floor to accommodate the drain line that is perpendicular to the joists. I will send the drawing for you to see. We will be using both LVLs and doug fir dimensional lumber.