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Hi All,

Investor in the Baltimore area here looking to get into the new building world. We recently had a company open called blueprint robotics that does custom construction in a factory setting like a pre-fab manufacturer. In talking to them about their deliverable product, it SEEMS like this could be viable for investing as it yeilds a much more consistent product in a shorter time frame, but I want to find out first hand on their price. I was hoping there may be someone on here that would be willing to share a floor plan they've used to build a house that I could send in for a pricing proposal to this company. I'd like to share my findings once I get a proposal back, and frankly think this has the potential to change the world of building in the US.

Appreciate any help you all can offer!!

Good idea; firstling that pops in my mind is the transportation costs....? 

Where I build, getting materials at a "Builder" price along with fairly cheap labor costs makes me think that unless the pre-fab manufacturer is down the street, the cost would be substantially higher...

Now in "other" locations around the country this modality of construction could be cheaper. I do know folks that build pre-fab for gov utilized projects and transport to site and put together.... The Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates that must be used when working on the set of the gov/public works projects makes this approach more cost efficient and yield excellent profits for the pre-fab co. 

Costs to build are likely much higher in MD than Texas, but you're right about transportation costs being a factor. The thing to weigh against that is also the reduced risk....this company is producing a custom product without the need for any subs until the point of roofing, siding and finish work. The turn around time is also considerably faster. Check out their product...

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