Need your feedback on new development marketing service

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I'm considering starting a service to market new houses to oversea investors/buyers and need your feedback on my business plan. My service is helping small to medium size builders in selected markets (CA, FL, AZ, WA) to market to oversea investors. Service fee is contingent to sale of new houses.

I know how to market to potential investors, but not sure how about to get builders to sign up for this service. Also, I'm not sure if this constitute "illegal brokering" because currently I don't have RE license. 

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this business plan. 


@J Scott Follow-up question... If I get IL license, I can market new development in FL? 

I've heard of building an entity, doing ground works under the entity and selling the entity as a whole (with property and strong articles). Sorry don't have any other info, was just a story from a client I was doing a day's work restoring a restaurant accident. Not sure if that's legal.

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