Insight on Developing Investor Relationships for Urban Infill?

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Hey there BP community!

We are a GC/Developer/Investor in Nashville, TN focusing on Infill development.  Currently, we are primarily filling the role of GC/Developer on our project partnerships.  We are bringing the land, creating the project and executing it. Our investors fund the project & we split profits at the sale.  

We have a medium-short term goal to take up the investor side as well at some point throughout '18.  Hopefully 2nd qtr! The hurdle is that we need to raise more capital.

Both as a short term goal to raise capital to fund our own builds/Fix & Flips , as-well-as a long term goal for diversification, we are working to develop new investor relationships.  In doing so, we are:

  • Networking with existing personal investor contacts.
  • Attending multiple local REIN groups.
  • Actively participating in local REIN FB discussion group.
  • Attending a thriving meetup that started right here on BP!
  • We have yard signs on all of our projects.
  • We have a website & company FB page that we keep active & updated.

The question I propose is this, other than what we are doing now, what are some other key areas, actions or ideas that we could be investing time into that would help us reach and hopefully develop relationships with new investors?

BP community, thank you in advance for any insight.  Know your time and willingness to share are highly valued!

@Jay Hinrichs

one thing I would think about is .. if your goal is to just use these funding equity partners once then self fund.. many investors look for long term relationships and not one and done.. not that anyone is going to force you into working with them.. but think about long term relationships they are quite valuable. you never knew going forward... there is power and safety in the collective efforts and capital

@Jay Hinrichs , Long term relationships are absolutely the goal!  We're just trying to determine if there are other things we can be doing to seek out and develop new relationships.

Introduce yourself to this group...

@Matthew Bolton I would actually propose doing less projects and with your own money. By the time you split deals with a pool of investors, 3 really good deals can equal 7-10 deals split with the investor. Or maybe build the contracting business and do deals yourself

@Devan Mcclish I 100% agree! Thanks for the feedback! Self funded projects are absolutely part of the goal. We are trying to build investor relationships to grow the GC side, just like you said, as diversified revenue, and to generate capital to fund our own projects.

Btw...were you at “deals” tonight? @Brandon Turner was there! It was our first time at the meeting...needless to say that was a surprise!

Thanks again for the feedback!

@Matthew Bolton absolutely! Keep coming to the meetings. Hope you got a chance to meet everyone and Brandon

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