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Hi Folks

Some of you may not know that I have posted a series of articles about the RED process in the BP blogs, it appears that real estate development does not seem to garner much coverage from BP staff. 

To be an offer of help to everyone here who is interested in the RED process and learning how to be a RED, I created this post to give you the series all in one place. I expect in the next few months to complete a book on the real estate development process, covered from the pragmatic style of doing deals that is our hallmark. Keep an eye out for that here shortly.

Here ya go....

5 Fundamental Components of Real Estate Development

6 Ways to Build a Career in the Real Estate Development Business

5 Fundamental Practices of Strategic and Effective Project Management

Site Selection and Project Programming in Real Estate Development

RE Development Zoning Research Process - Part 1 of a 2 Part Series

RE Development Zoning Research Process - Part 2 of a 2 Part Series

Apartment Financial Underwriting - Part 1 of a 2 Part Series

Apartment Financial Underwriting - Part 2 of a 2 Part Series

Land Development Project Underwriting

Thanks!  Definitely following this thread.  I think these will be very helpful to members. Though there has been several developers/builders that have posted on new builds, etc. many are in other areas. However; Jay Scott has done a very detailed account of his new build that many have used. I also did a few posts on development a few years back that I still get feedback on.

There is NO PLACE on earth that has the challenges of California, and especially southern California. Your project is a very exciting one, and I know your posts will be very helpful to many, and look forward to reading them.  Also, don't get discouraged, the bulk of members are fix/flip investors, or buy/hold, not many venture into new construction. I'm going to add a few keywords that may get some people on here that are searching for info. 

keywords: new construction, planning, design, project management, development, developer, construction, finance, permits, permitting, site, layout, subs, scheduling, budget, cost estimates, bids, 

@Karen Margrave

Thanks Karen, I appreciate the encouragment and adding the keywords, that's an excellent idea!!

Agree with Karen. Fanstatic . Thanks for putting out quality information that is much needed.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing these. I'll definitely give them a read through.

@Scott Choppin Excellent! I will have to read thru them. Thanks for all the work.  Keep everyone updated on any books.

@Scott Choppin Thanks for these great resources.  I don't know if you're doing any Signal Hill development, but that city is going crazy right now.  If you have any available properties in Signal Hill, please PM me.  I may have an interested client.  Thanks.

I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts and continue to reference back in my RED journey. Thanks for all your hard work @Scott Choppin

Just read a few articles. Very valuable and concise information. 

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