Contract Template - Between Builder and Homeowner

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Are you a licensed builder and do you have a contract template that you use on a regular basis that you use between your business and the prospective client/homeowner? For example, building a new custom home for a client who has secured construction loan through their bank.

Would you mind sharing your contract template?

I understand there is a "file place" on BP but found searching within in that link to be poorly set up. 

Thank you!



I've build a few homes that were bank financed and have completed the detailed package for bank approvals etc. For my first contract, I used a standard contract agreement that I paid for and downloaded from AIA documents. Sicne t

A105–2007, Owner/Contractor Agreement - Residential or Small Commercial Project

@Michael Arnold did you ever get your hands on a contract. I'm in a similar situation and am curious what you used and how it went. I have an approved building lot under contract and plan on putting a house on it. I would prefer to market it as an available lot for a custom build rather than do a spec house. 

Any advice or input on what you did would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Depending on the GC using an AIA agreement/draw process they might not be equipped to handle the diligence that requires (which should be a huge red flag to begin with- just a formal way to track actual invoices and make sure nothing shady is going on). 

I have a typical GC contract I have for investors on spec builds and one on design build (I am also in Texas). Feel free to send me a DM and I can email over

@Michael Arnold the contract package from NAHB is pretty good. That's what I use. I'm a builder and don't like the AIA contract as it shifts more of the liability from the Architect back to the builder. The NAHB contract seems more reasonable to me. 

I'm still looking for a contract for my fiance and I...we are building a new house to sell - an investment project. In the past I wouldn't have used a contract (with a romantic partner) but trying to clarify all expectations and make sure we both feel the relationship is fair.  She is paying for the project and I am building it. How do we do this?

AIA's forms are very comprehensive, but possibly a bit too complicated for a small project. As others have mentioned, you have to be careful about who the contract was written to protect.

Best bet would be talking to a local construction law attorney.