AB68 for ADU's - affect on Torrance Hillside Overlay

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Does anyone have any specific info on this? It "looks" like the state law AB68 should override all local ordinances incl the hillside overlay but I can't find a straightforward answer.

I guess the only sure way is to wait until they come into law in January & talk to the Torrance planning Dept? Anyone have experience with that?

Thanks for the help

Some links:

City site:




AB68 Text


No I haven't yet spoken to a city planner. I'm wondering whether they would disclose things that are only in the works.

I guess there is some interpretation but the text of AB68 does say that it overrides all local ordinances designed to prevent increased density.

Is it as easy as just calling them up do you know?

@Daniel Graves it will be the best to print out all docs with highlighted wording and take it to the counter in person and ask. If the plan checker at the counter seems clueless, ask for a supervisor. Do not call. You wont get your answer that way.