NJ Building/Zoning Codes

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Hi everyone, 

I have a vacant piece of land I am interested in.  The property is located in Woodbridge, NJ.  I have the property card that I got though an OPRA request, but I have no clue how to read what the property is zoned for.  It is on a major roadway where there are residential and commercial properties on.  I would assume the value of the property would be based on what it is zoned as.

Would anyone be willing to help?

Go to City zoning counter or zoom appointment. They're paid by taxpayer money to help you. Ask for zoning, what can be built there, lot coverage, set backs, height restrictions. Ask if they'll let you watch the screen while they navigate so you can get an idea how to do it moving forward. 

Definitely as Emilio said, the City Zoning dept is the best place if it is your first time doing it.  You should also be able to find the Zoning on a City Map via their website.  Then after seeing the zoning code on the map, you can open the City Zoning Ordinance and find said zoning.  There you will find a thorough description about businesses that are/aren't allowed, lot setback requirements, min/max size of building, etc.