Good evening BP, 

Im new on BP and allready read a ton of information and still reading here daily. 

Im interested in buying apartements and put them up for rent in Slovakia, for me good looking apartements are up for sale for around 70k - 100k depends on the numbers of rooms ofc. 

The Rent in the area there is around 500/550€ /month. ( 563,35$/) excl. Expenses and fees.

So im looking to have around 250/300 netto monthly.

But i still feel, like im missing some of the crusial information for setting up some good rental propartys in a foreign land witch i should know, that can lead to problems later on witch i could have avoided with more Experiance.


- how to find decent people for renting my place. (Since im living 1200km away atm.)

- how do you find a decent 'landlord' to look after my property and fix little things when needed.(my girlfriends family live's there but its allso 1.5h from the location.)

And maybe a few other things witch i must keep in mind..?