I'm not brand new in real estate, currently managing two doors. Been stagnant lately while trying to finish my undergrad. Will be finished with undergrad in less than 2 weeks with a BBA in finance.

The title of the post is misleading because I'm not choosing either or. I intend on pursuing real estate for life and maybe getting my mba later on.

With this new found free time I'm going to have soon I decided to give myself a project/goal/ ultimatum. For 1 full year I'm going to give realestate a full 100% just like I gave school when I was determined to finish. If after 12 months I don't see any significant progress then I will go ahead and devote my energy to getting my MBA.

I'm honestly just not sure on how to start this 12 month project. What things what you be doing daily, weekly, etc? I not the type of person to sit still with nothing to do. However I don't want to be spending my time doing non income producing task just for the sake of staying busy.

Having less than 2 years of rental income I am unable to use my current rental income as "income". Due to that my debt/ratio is too high to get traditional financing for any deals. I'll primarily be looking for owner financing/land contract type of deals.

I was thinking of just spending some time getting my debt ratio as low as possible while educating myself & networking. All opinions welcomed. Thanks in advance.