Hi All, I purchased my first investment property in OK this year and title is currently vested in my name (I did conventional financing). I'm aware I can quitclaim the deed to an LLC once I have one formed and curious if anyone has feedback on where I should establish the LLC. I've read WY is a good place and then using that LLC to establish one in OK to hold the property...but seems like it could be overkill. If I establish an LLC in OK and then purchase another property in MO (my plan for next year) I believe I'd need to start another LLC for the MO property as well so maybe the WY LLC would make sense when considering the long-term goal. I'm a resident of NY and have a decent amount of personal assets hence the logic to keep the property in an LLC. If anyone has feedback on structure and/or companies to use as a registered agent that would be much appreciated. Thanks, Nick