Hi All-

New to the REI game and hoping to get some advice in regards to a property I am interested in putting an offer on that has 2 SFH and 1 Trailer on a single parcel. My main question is about lending and whether this will cause an issue with a conventional mortgage being as it has multiple units. I have read that up to 4 units are allowed but wanted to get experienced opinions on this. Second question is about splitting the parcel into 2 separate parcels and removing the trailer. I have spoken with planning and zoning who said they feel confident it could be split but I would have to go in front of the Planning & Zoning Committee for approval, question here is if this will affect the mortgage as I assume I would have 2 different addresses after the parcel is split. This would be my first investment property and while it may be a little more leg work than I am looking for for my first there is to much meat on the bone to walk away without attempting. Thanks in advance for the help.