Canam Funding - anyone know them?

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Hello all,

I'm a Canadian investor looking at opportunities in the US. I came across what appears to be a funding company that specializes in providing capital for Canadians investing in US real estate.

Here's a link to their website:

It looks like they are providing 2 things:

1. A "Proof of Funds" letter

2. A list of "potential" investors in the area - and oddly, this list is available for free download on the site.

And "Our processing fee for each real estate deal submitted for Canam funding is only $495"

There is something that seems odd about this. Does anyone have any experience with them?



Hi Andrew,

I'm in the process of selling a property to someone from Canada who is using Canam to fund the deal.  I'll let you know how that turns out.


Thanks Beverly.

@Beverly Hankerson  I just received an offer from a buyer in Canada using Canam as their funding source.  Did you ever close on your property with you buyer using this funding source? 

CanAm funding appears to be a match-making front. The following disclaimer is on the main page of their website:

CanAm Funding does NOT provide funding, CanAm Funding is a training and referral site. CanAM Funding will refer your request for funding to a Company that best fits the needs of your deal. CanAm Funding does not make money referring your transaction.

Yet, elsewhere on the site - the profile of David Early - it contradicts the above disclaimer:

Now, with his [David Early's] great knowledge of US real estate, David, in conjunction with his Canadian partners, leads Canam Funding, offering millions of dollars of funding for qualified Canadians seeking US investment opportunities.

Ironically, despite the allusion to being a Canadian firm, the two principals appear to be U.S.A. citizens. 

Colton Smith - who shares a name with a mixed martial arts fighter - is still listed as an associate director of the Salt Lake City office of Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation

David Early - who shares a name with the now deceased actor - was a little more difficult to locate, but appears to now be involved with The Donald and continues to design marketing and sales products.

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