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Hi BP Investors

I'm making a hard money loan on a deal in Chicago.  The borrower and I both live in Texas, but the properties are in the Windy City.  It's two properties next door to each other.

I need an attorney licensed in IL to draw up a hard money contract.  Actually, 4 hard money contracts, but all really similar.  The breakdown is this:

Condo #1 purchase - me and my cash

Condo #2 purchase - me and my cash

Condo #1 rehab budget - colleague #1 SDIRA

Condo #2 rehab budget - colleague #2 SDIRA

Basic hard money terms on all of these – 2 points in, 2 points out, 12%, 6 month term.

I guess I should look over the documents in the BP library, but I'm limited to a few downloads and would probably get the wrong ones before I got the right one.  =-)

Also, the profit on this is actually quite thin.  Purchase of both condos together is only about $50k.  I'd hate to wipe out the profit on just the contracts.


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Dan Bronson

(312) 553-1700

I recently attended a local group, and an attorney presented on what are the key items to put in a partnership agreement for real estate. The attorney himself as an investor, he knew his stuff. Truly enlightening. The meeting was even free to attend and he didn't sell a thing. I would have happily paid for what I learned that night.

With that said his name was Gary Davidson. His firm I think is Castle Law. or Brumunds Jacobs, Davidson, etc.. I can't recall. Like they just renamed and I can't recall if they went from their names to Castle, or the other direction.

708-801-8000 is what I have on the business card.

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