Co-owner or Private Lender? (Milwaukee Market)

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Hello fellow Pocketers!

In my neighborhood there is a property that I have been following, because it is distressed.  I don't know the gentleman owner personally, but know that he is elderly.  Well, as of about a week ago, he had a health issue.  His daughter asked that he come and live with her in CA.  He did.  It is a solid house in a top-notch neighborhood with one of the best schools in the state of WI.  The house just needs cosmetic updating.  The price is great for this area!  

I am putting an offer on this house tomorrow morning, probably all cash, BUT I wanted to do a shout-out to see if anyone would be interested in co-owning or private lending? 

This is a 1st tier, lake shore suburb of Milwaukee, WI.  Zip code 53217.  I have been waiting for this house to go on the market for over 2 years!  Deals like this are hard to come by in this neighborhood.  It will be snatched up fast in this location.  This is a 2% rule investment. 

Anyone who wants more details, please check out my BP profile and send me an e-mail.  Right away!  I'm making an offer tomorrow morning before 12noon CST.  

If you've been wanting to get into the Milwaukee market, this is a no-brainer.  I have over 10+ years experience in property management and will be the person to manage the tenants.  This will be corporate housing for, probably Johnson Controls or Harley Davidson employees $$$. 

Thank you for your attention.

@James R.  What is the offer on the property? Expected rents? Rehab costs?

Bob, thank you for your inquiry.

I sent you an invitation to connect on BP.  I will private message you.  

This post has been removed.

James i would love to chat. Feel free to contact me

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