Looking for a reliable HML in CA

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I am considering to invest in 1st deeds with them and would like to hear from people who had dealt with them before.

Will appreciate all responses.


I am also considering a first trust deed investment with them and I am also not finding any information here. Apparently they are also called FMC Lending and are somehow affiliated to Athas Capital (although I'm not exactly sure how.).

If anyone has any experience on them, please share.


@Jean G. ...You can take what I post with a grain of salt, but I'd never work with FMC.  I'm a finance broker here in CA, and there are many reliable private money lenders.  I don't honestly even know if they are a real lender, so I stay away.  Tried to deal with them a few years ago and the process didn't seem right and if it rubs me wrong, I'm definitely not taking a client there.  

As far as Athas, I have an awesome rep there, but I think there is better private money out there depending on what you're trying to do with way less red tape and similar if not better fees/rates.  I feel like many times, they are FNMA underwriting with double digit rates.  

What are you trying to do?  PM if need to.


@Alex Rozin  I always recommend doing a search for a company's state license and mortgage license.  In addition, I always prefer to do business with, at minimum, an A+ BBB rating.

As a direct lender, I know of APMG as they are considered a "competitor" of ours but have never done business with them so I cannot comment on their loans. I do believe they lend on the upper-end of the LTV scale whereas we are more conservative. I am more than happy to discuss our programs for our investors if you are interested. Let me know as I am here to help.

@Jared Rine

Thanks for your comment. What I am looking for in fact is to lend on notes, not to borrow. FMC aka APMG is sending out deals they need to fund, and when I inquired on one, I got sent an appraisal that was ordered by Athas, but I couldn't find what relationship existed between FMC and Athas. This is why I came to inquire here, because it didn't exactly add up.

@Sacha Ferrandi

I did look up the mortgage license of the company and the principal, and it did seem in order. I'll PM you about your investor programs.

@Alex Rozin and @Jean G. - Did you guys ever test the waters with APMG? I am also looking at funding a first trust deed through them.  Curious if you have any updates since your last post. Thanks!