Conventional Investment Property Loans - Memphis

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I am looking to build a relationship with a lender that will provide conventional investment property financing for me to grow my business. Hoping to keep it local, but willing to go just about anywhere if the terms are right. Please let me know if you know any locations in Memphis or nationwide that might fit the bill. Thank you!

Hi, @Jacob Greer .

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Be sure to check out the blogs and podcasts in addition to the blogs.  You can learn a ton from all of the real estate professionals on the site.

As for lenders, you should talk to Steve Bighaus ( and Tim Atchley (  They do lots of investor loans and our clients have had great success with both of them.

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I would also like to send you my welcome to the site! You are moving in the right direction by asking questions on the forums and getting active. 

I will have to second @Douglas Skipworth and recommend Steve Bughaus! He does all my long term loans and his process is 100% online and very easy to manage! 

Steve Bighaus has been the preferred lender of choice for myself personally and all of my clients.  He can do up to the standard 10 loans doing 20% and 25% down with a current estimated rate of 4.875% for 30yr loans. .  He also provides a commercial product, 30yr loan with a 5yr loan renewal, has a higher interest rate.