Good Local Bank In Phila PA area?

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I am looking to build a relationship with a local bank in the Philadelphia PA area to facilitate future lending. Any recommendation from investors in the area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I am in the same boat. I moved to Philadelphia less than a year ago and am looking for some local banks that are investor friendly to open an account in preparation for our next purchase. I have an account with PFCU already, but am looking to diversify banks that we have relationships with.

I think it is a lot easier to find a bank once you have a property you can present them.  Just like anyone else in a W-2 job, bankers will often change banks and they know what products are available at which banks.  If a banker is not able to do a specific loan, he/she often becomes my best referral for a banker that can do my loan.  If you are looking just to talk and network with bankers, I have never been to a meetup without at lease one banker there. 

Iam doing well Joe White, thank you.

Good point Irfan Raza, I have already spoken to a few lenders since the first time I posted this. I found the Navy Federal Credit Union to be helpful, that might be a good place to look for anyone wanting a little more flexible lender than conventional banks.