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Hello all, 

I had a general question for all of those smart investors out there on bigger pockets! I am fresh out of school and I am trying to find a quad-plex to invest in in the Chicago-land area. This will be my first property and for the last few months I have been researching/ educating myself to make a move but have not done so yet. I do not have a ton of money saved up to purchase a place in cash so I am looking to apply for a mortgage. I make decent money and I have good credit that has been established for a good amount of time, but will need a cosigner. I was wondering if anyone has ever been in a similar situation/ has any tips?

Some of the questions that I have are:

1. What type of mortgage should I look into/ compare if looking to house hack?

2. How early should I apply for the mortgage?

3. Does anyone have any good recommendations for agents in the Chicago area?

I would really appreciate the guidance from anyone that knows/ has been in this situation before. Thanks a lot!

Hi @BillLuzzo you should first go to a mortgage broker and see what you qualify for. You should also see were your credit is at. Getting pre qualified is everything

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