Best Way To Finance Additional Rental Homes For My Situation?

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New to the forum, not really a new investor but I've been a cash buyer in terms of my investment income properties. I own 4 investment homes worth $500k give or take, all paid off no loans. I would like to buy more rental properties but I would like to finance them and I'd like to know what my limits are and what options would be available to me as my income is capped out loan wise bc I struggled getting a loan on a vacation home for myself last year. I barely got it through, but had to put 50% down. I make a lot of money but my taxable income is only $14,000/mo last year bc Im in the gas station business there is alot of cash and deductions. Anyways before I talk with a mortgage officer later this week, Im looking at some commercial as well as residential options and I'd like to know what the best options would be residentially for my situation. 

My Assets

Personal Residence - $1.4M value, $260k mortgage left

Vacation Condo - $600k Value, $240k mortgage left

2 pieces of land paid off - $300k total value I paid but taxable value on tax roll at $180k

4 rental homes paid off - $500k value

My businesses techincally have no value bc im a franchisee who just leases stores, I own nothing but the stores are not worth $0. Are there any options for someone like me with my balance sheet to borrow and buy rental properties bc I think my vacation home last year was such a struggle to buy and I had to bring alot of cash to the table I didn't want to bring into it, just looking for a way to add more properties using more low interest money

Probably a HELOC against your primary, and LOC's against the rest. (Congrats on your progress!)

Otherwise, just see what options your commercial lender gives you. My 2c. 

If anyone has experience which adds to or overrides these suggestions, please chime in. Cheers...

@Tushar Pati

You really need to have a loan officer or Broker look over your taxes though roughly.  This will let you know how much money you actually make in the eyes of Fannie and/or Freddie.  Once this is done you can figure out what you qualify for and then the rest is a domino effect.  

Hi @Tushar Pati , any luck? 

Lenders, like ourselves, exist that do not require proof of personal income. The primary focus during pre-qual and underwriting is on the property's rental income and/or value. This is an alternate way to obtain financing. 

Let me know if you have any questions, feel free to message.

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