Anyone heard of Hubris Capital?

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Hi everyone, I was just browsing my local craigslist and I ran across an ad from Hubris Capital. Apparently they are brokers that help with finding private/hard money. They offer rates as low as 5.99% with up to 100% financing (I know those are probably more exceptions than their average funding terms). I did a search on this site and surprisingly had no hits. Anyone heard of them or used them?

It takes a lot of hubris for a new fake online HML to actually literally call itself Hubris Capital.

(Note: I have zero experience with Hubris Capital & they could be legit for all I know, I'm just going off of the name of the firm and "if it looks too good to be true...")

(Note2: It would take even more hubris for a legit firm to call itself Hubris Capital.)

@Chris Mason Haha I know right? The whole thing smelled fishy which is why I posted here. I dug in a bit more and the company is owned by a guy named Collin Alekanekelo Retziaff. Facebook page looks all kinds of sketchy :) Anyway, thanks for posting! Love the humor!

Audrey there is NO PRIVATE money at those terms or rates.. this is simply a pump and dump up front fee scam.. forget about finding private money like this it SIMPLY does not exist.

and if they are advertising it .. its not private money its a HML scenario.. or a lending company

private money is your dentist your doctor your librarian your parents your uncle your grandmother.. some one you know well.

Wow... apparently I can't even defend myself or my brand without the admin deleting my posts because apparently I'm just advertising??? How ridiculous, lol. Anyway, Omar, don't delete this, I swear... anyway, no we don't charge fees, and no we are not a lender. We are a broker. 5.99% is a rate you get if you have stellar credit. Most people get between 10% and 15%. It all depends on you. We have tons of lenders we work with. Those rates are not private lender rates. Like jay said, don't believe anyone who says they offer private money at super low rates and stay away from upfront fees. Although, if it deals with appraisals, it's not unheard of for lenders to ask for you to pay that cost.