Girlfriend as an FHA loan cosigner?

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Has anyone ever purchased a single family home with an fha loan and had their grilfriend cosign for them? Can you have a friend cosign, or does it have to be a blood relative? I am in New Jersey.

@Wagner Alcivar , if your girlfriend will be occupying the property with you, then, you should have no problem but not as a non-occupying co-borrower.

Thank you very much @Paul Defngin . It has been difficult finding a cosigner and I think the bank said they might have an issue having her as a cosigner. I have the house under contract so it is a relief that we can get this loan to close now.

@Wagner Alcivar just in case it matters, if you would like for a non-occupying co-borrower to be a part fo your FHA loan it is allowed but it changes your down-payment to not really a reason to do it.

So is there any difference in co-signing and co-borrowing for an FHA loan?

@Wagner Alcivar , sorry, if we were not clear.  If your girlfriend will be co-signing and also occupying with you then no problem.  If co-signing but NOT occupying, then you will need to put down 25% down-payment as @Andrew Postell mentioned.  It's the occupancy that will most likely matter to you most and how you proceed with your bank.  Hope that helps.  

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