How to fund my next deal

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Hello all,

Looking into buying another SFR in my area. Not sure how I should fund my next deal. The budget is $400K.

1) HELCO  = all cash purchase with intention to refinance later on

2) Refi on another rental  property = all cash purchase

3) Conventional mortgage

Which method could save me some money at closing in NY and in the long run?  My averaging closing cost has been $20K.  Thank you.

@Thomas N. I am located in Pittsburgh but I would think the same rules would apply in New Your. 

1. The HELOC is a great way to leverage your equity so paying cash cant hurt. Just be sure you can qualify for a HELOC before you tie up the cash in an investment.

2. Anytime you can leverage funds from anything regardless if its an unsecured LOC or a HELOC or a refinance its going to help you grow your portfolio.

Work with a good mortgage broker who has multiple lenders and programs. Reach out to @Jason Horr he can help you if you are planning to buy in PA.

Alex Deacon, Real Estate Agent

@Alex Deacon ,

Thanks Alex,  the one thing I can say is talk to a trusted mortgage professional, because every ones individual situation is different.  A type of loan that works for one person may not be the best fit for another person.  

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