Personal loan, title in LLC name

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Looking for the best way to finance single family houses as college student rentals. 20-25% down payment is no problem, but my lender seems set on doing a commercial loan - shorter term, higher rate, much higher monthly payments, and scary balloon due after X number of years.

I have a solid history ($500k+) in personal and commercial loans with this lender, all paid in full with never a missed/late payment. 

I have stable income from owning (100%) a 6-figure profiting retail business, which has nice equity and no debts, and is a large customer of this regional bank.

Can/should I insist on better (or at least minimum) terms more favorable to me? I told the lender I was interested in 1-4 loans for potential properties, and none of the loans would be above 100k. 

Between my home, business, and liquid assets on hand, I present almost no risk of not being able to repay these loans. 

What type of loans should I be seeking, demanding, etc? I should be a lender’s dream, but even though we have a solid relationship, it seems like I’m being pushed into very unfavorable terms. 

Also, I plan to hold the properties in an LLC, but I'm completely comfortable offering my personal assets as collateral for personal loans. Can I not get loans in my name and still pay it off with the LLC? If the bank gets their money I would think they wouldn't care which checking account it came from. Help?