Hey Guys,

I just put in an offer on a house I intend to use the BRRRR strategy with. I know it was a ballsy move, but I offered over asking, unconditional, to close for September 28th. The offers will be considered tomorrow, and if mine is accepted, I will be on a campaign to raise $100k from private lenders in roughly a month and a half.

My plan is to offer 10% interest to my investors, paid out monthly, take 6 months to 1 year to complete the reno-rent-refi process, and then pay out the investors.

I'm not going to go into too much detail on the deal right now, but I will say that i'm very confident in it.  Here's a breakdown of the numbers-

80,000 cash purchase

5,000 closing costs

50,000 reno's, holding costs, interest

175,000 (conservative) ARV

My question is, what should I be proposing to my investors?  I don't really know how far into detail I want/need to be going on the entire deal - just the part that involves their money.  Buy-flip-refinance-pay out.  What sort of details should I include in my proposal?  And does anyone have an example of something similar to this that I could use as a template or at least for reference?

Secondly, I understand very well how the process goes - borrow the money for 6-12 months, pay out interest monthly, return it at the end....but I actually have no idea what this deal looks like in real life.  ie. paperwork, loan documents, securities, or other agreements.  I would love it if someone could give me some direction on this subject as well so that I can properly focus my energies on making it happen.  

I would be extremely appreciative if someone with relevant experience could lend me some of their wisdom!