Financing a Residential Property Held in an LLC

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Hello Everyone, I plan on using the BRRRR strategy; buying a house for cash and rehabbing, then refinancing. I’ve read a lot of people saying that lenders won’t lend to an LLC for conventional financing and that you will have to get commercial loans. Is there a way you can personally guarantee the mortgage and hold the property in its own LLC for asset protection purposes? If not would my best bet be to find a small bank who will financing these deal who doesn’t sell the mortgages to Fannie and Freddie? Thanks for the help. I’m looking to invest in the Tampa, FL area.

Are you going to have a substantial amount of equity in the asset you are looking to buy? Or do you have a lot of other assets to protect? If not, it might be overkill to LLC for one property. You have to do other steps first (regardless) and have something to protect (for example, the mortgage note itself will act as a deterrent since there isn't much equity to collect, and your other assets might be protected as homestead).

Get the deals going first, build some equity and cash flow, set them up with proper insurance and umbrella insurance coverage, establish proper maintenance and property management, then look into structures, entities and strategies for asset protection.

Here, a diagram to help you on this path: