Gift Ideas for Investor Clients

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Probably the wrong category to post under but wanted to throw out a question. I have a decent amount of investor clients and repeat investor clients. For my owner occupied home buyers, I usually get a gift related to celebrating the excitement of their new home. For investors, I would like to do something different but I am blanking. 

Any ideas for a nice, investor/investment property related gift? Anyone seen anything interesting/cool? Don't know on budget but let's say $100 or less. 

Thanks in advance. 

Maybe a nice little gift basket with some useful items. Some ideas that come to mind: 

-Yeti style mug or Swell water bottle with your logo on it (filled with candy). Always fill with candy.

-Home Depot gift card

-Restaurant/Coffee Gift Card

-Some other random promo item (with your logo on it) they can use. These you could buy in bulk but change out quarterly or so.

- Tape measure

- Flash light

- Portable charging bank 

 -Portable speaker

-Nice clip board/ Padfolio/ note pads