Newer to this and some folks have sent me great lenders to partner with, which I really appreciate. Thanks again to those that helped out!

My partner and I have formed a company, LLC. We have construction, realty and financial expertise in house. He is a realtor and owns a construction company that handles high end residential and commercial. I work in asset management and have a deep knowledge of investments. My clients are the largest institutional investors in America. We are looking for a partner(s) to back us on acquisition and rehab for high end residential, multi-use and commercial projects. We want a pref equity type partnership where the partner takes a 12-15% return on investment annually, no equity on the properties. Basically, we need a banker but prefer less red tape than our local banks.

We are both highly qualified and have a strong business model with superior cost controls, specializing in Westchester County, NY but open to nearby areas. We carefully analyze and select deals for maximum return potential based upon our collective knowledge of real estate and investments.

If anyone has advice on sourcing these kinds of partners please reply thank you!