Can anyone do better than this?

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I have 3 properties that I have rehabbed and rented and am now looking to refi. i am getting $1200 a month on all 3 properties. The appraisals just came in and are as follows

A). $112k,B). $112k and C).$117k. I owe $52k each on A and B on a HML that matures 8/1. I do not have a loan on C (all cash). I used a loan co. that specializes in rental property refi's. Thier numbers are as follows: 8.25% 5/1 and 45k in fees for all 3 properties. I need to pay back the 104k by 8/1. Do I have time to get these loans processed again? Can I use the same appraisals? Who is going for these terms?

Unless you have some credit issues, the 8.25% is crazy high....more like 5ish for a commercial loan.  I assume the “$45k in fees” was a misprint.....$4.5k?  What total loan amount, and one blanket loan or three separate loans?