Has anyone used HardMoneyMan LLC (Ken Vesely)

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Sorry I just came across this, I hope this finds you well and is helpful. I have had a terrible experience with that company, that person in particular. Terrible communication and very unprofessional. For their rates, you can do better.

I spoke to them before and did not have a very favorable experience.  Very pompous and lacks professionalism - avoid unless you are looking for a migraine!

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@Jessica really? we spoke how many times? maybe 1x ? you came to me thru a broker that told you he was the lender, i dealt with your boyfriend/fiancee

@Johnoson - really? rude and lies? is that because we didnt have interest in your deals because the area was too rural in Mississippi for us - so that's unprofessional? i could post our email chats if you like? You had a problem w the appraiser not me -- 

First time I’ve heard anything about it being rural. But the fact that you posted this response is good reviews for everyone to see how unprofessional you are.