What loans should investors be looking for

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What type of loans should investors be looking for from banks? A repair loan of your going to fix and flip or fix and buy and hold. Just wondering what loans I should be seeking out from banks.

@Mark Leclair

That depends if you’ll be buying the property as your as your primary residence or as an investment… If you buy it as a primary, then you only need as little as 1% down… If you buy it as investment, typically you need at least 15% down.

If the property is not in move-in condition and has safety hazards like hanging wires, ripped up floorboards, ripped up drywall, leaks in the roof, anything that could cause a health concern to the person living in the house… Then you will be able to close it with the standard FHA or conventional loan… in that case you would need to look at your renovation loan options

Possibilities include :

FHA 203K for primary residence with as little as 3.5% down of the total need (acquisition + rehab costs)

Fannie Mae homestyle renovation loan (5% down)

100% fix n flip loan - that gives you the money for the acquisition In all the money for the renovation both labor and materials (The only caveat to this one, is that the maximum LTV is 65% of the ARV for first time investor, 70% for an experienced investor)

ARV = after repair value

If looking at buying a multi family property, like a four unit, if it's the primary residence, go with an FHA 3.5% of total purchase… unless you have 20% then Go conventional.