Financing ? We have 12 residential Mortgages

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We have 12 residential mortgages. We want to scale to buy more properties or build. Trying to figure out the lending part and how to scale our portfolio. Open to ideas. How does everyone scale when they are at the residential max for lending?

Option 1. we have a 4 plex that we can build an additional duplex on, which would turn it to commercial.

Option 2. we have a SFR that is in sad shape, that we could tear down and build 2 duplexes on.

In addition to the above suggestions.

Refinance the primary residence into Spouse A's name alone, wherein Spouse A is the higher earner. That should solve any DTI problems Spouse B has (B has lower income, so B needs this), since now they are living "rent free" with Spouse A. Then go refinance as much as you can into Spouse A's name alone, and as much as possible just into Spouse B.

Now you've each got 4 and 8, or 6 and 6, or whatever, but below 10, without selling anything, and  each of you individually has lots more runway to work with.

Go ahead and move all big liquid savings / down payment funds into a joint account with both names on it. Spouse A cannot "gift" down payment funds to Spouse B for the down payment on an investment property, is the reason we are doing this. 

Rates are down relative to last summer/fall/winter/spring, so anything you got at that point you should consider refinancing anyways.

No problem. I haven’t spoken to my $2700/mo tenant in almost 3 years. He’s less work than 2 x $1400/mo tenants. And who knows, someday I may retire there or at least live there for 2 years before selling. :-)