Owner/ Builder Loans - San Diego Area

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Hi all, I am looking for recommendations for owner/ builder lenders in the San Diego Area.  I am going to be purchasing vacant land with the intention of building my own house.  I am an architect with plenty of construction administration experience so I will not be using a general contractor.  I do not have a GC license but can get one if need be.

I would need a loan first for purchasing land, then hopefully that loan would be integrated into a construction to permanent loan.  Thanks in advance for your help.


I have used this guys before, went smooth for me, not sure if they lend in California but its worth a call.

Owner builder is hard, some local lumber yards will do the deal, we have one in our area that does them

@Matt Burr ...GC license is going to make your life a lot easier in finding a lender, unless you've actually built properties before.  I can second Normandy, as being a broker, they're a lender that I utilize and will do owner builder loans, but it depends on how much flexibility you need, b/c doing it in the steps that you've mentioned, unless you're very liquid, is not an easy task.  Construction loans in general are not easy tasks.  If you need further help, let me know or feel free to pm. Would love to see the numbers on your project to provide more suggestions. 

@Jared Rine.  Thank you for also recommending Normandy, I will have to reach out to them.  It seemes like most lenders required a contractors license, however there are some that don't.  As an Architect I see the dark side of construction and nothing is easy but like others I have a passion to pursue the design and construction of my own home.  

I will be seeking out subcontractor bids first to see how much money I will need.  Thanks!

@Matt Burr How is your new home project coming along in California? Were you able to find a bank to work with? Running into the same problem finding a bank in California as well. Despite being a licensed engineer, they all seem to want that GC license. Anyways, as an Engineer I feel your pain in th dark side of construction as well ;). 

@Jared Rine yeah I found a local banker and local GC willing to work a hi-bred approach where Ill wind up doing the skilled (electrical, plumbing, HVAC,engineering, earthmoving) work myself and he manages the lower skilled labor with bank funds. Kind of complicated but nothing is simple with owner build projects!

It really just matters on the GC... Some will let you work on your own place while other won't.