First BRRRR (refi) in an LLC

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Hey BP, quick question...

Under my LLC I bought a quadplex that I am BRRRR(ing). The numbers are all good and we should recover our entire downpayment plus a little bit extra. We are finishing up the rehab and beginning to look for our cash-out refi lender. We are in month two of our interest-only loan, so we still have quite a bit of time. I'm curious what amortizations people are getting through an LLC. I know 15-20 is pretty normal. Has anyone gotten any 25-year AMs? We are located in Shreveport, LA if anyone knows of any lenders that might fit the bill. Our portfolio lender offered us an awesome deal for the acquisition/rehab loan, but they aren't offering anything special as far as Refis.

Hi @Jordan D Johnson , try a local credit union - they should be able to help. Also - look into a portfolio lender like a LimaOne or RCN or someone like that... they will do a 30-yr. Keep looking, you'll find one.

@Jordan Johnson

Go for conventional financing first and then look for a portfolio lender/broker if their time on title or LTV restrictions are too much to bare.


@Jordan D Johnson would you be open to financing it personally if you got a better loan? There are lenders who right 30 year fixed rate loans for your LLC...but even with those financing it personally will still get you better terms. Let us know and that might be able to help guide you a little better. Thanks!

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