Couple with separate Primary Residences - insurance

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1. We have a primary residence (SFH) in Somerset County, NJ. We brought up our family there and have a good friends' network. The mortgage is in my name but both our names are on the title.

2. A couple of years ago we bought two properties (2 unit homes each) in Jersey City, NJ, a little over a year between each purchase. We designated each as the primary residence when we bought them and moved to the next. Husband lived there since he works in NYC. He would come to Somerset County house on some weekends but would live in JC M-F every week, hence it became his primary residence. Both our names are on the mortgage and title.

We are now doing STR on the Jersey City properties. Husband lives there in one of the units of one of the property. I do not want to live in JC because my job and friends are in Somerset county and don't want to change schools.

Because of recent changes in STR rules in JC, we need to have one of the JC buildings proved to be owner occupied and have a 500K liability insurance.

Will an insurance company give coverage as primary residence for JC property where husband lives but I don't? The second JC property will be insured as investment/rental property. The question is for primary residence.

Can husband have his car and JC primary residence (and second rental property) be insured under one insurance company while I have my car and Somerset County primary residence be insured under another company? Since we have both our names on all 3 properties, I'm not sure whether the insurance company will allow it.

Any help in this matter will be appreciated.


@Vidya Bh this is a lending forum.  You should at least post this in the insurance forum...and possibly in the New Jersey forum to get more of a local response to it.  You can certainly leave this post up here if you like...not sure how many responses you will get here though.  Just a thought.

I can only comment from an Insurance perspective. Although I have not seen this exact situation I believe that you should be able to write two Homeowners policies. Both the somerset and JC homes would be occupied by an owner. I would make sure the company is aware of all the details.

They may want to list both names or just one as Named Insured. Because one of you is not as resident of each property, I would recommend putting both policies in both names. There may not be coverage for the non-resident owner if not named. Check with you company or the company you write this with.