Who has experience with Hard Money in Dallas?

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Originally posted by @Robert Muzyka :

Would you recommend a new investor do their first deal with hard money? What do I need to look out for among different hard money lenders in Dallas?

 Robert prepayment clause, points, NO upfront fees.  

Originally posted by @Robert Muzyka :

Thank you @Guifre Mora

As far as points go, do you know how many points would be considered 'good' or 'bad' among hard money lenders in Dallas?  Is it essentially the same all around the country?

 Every lender is different some are aggressive 3 points to the lender etc... Others cover their administrative costs with a minimal (1.5-2) plus broker fees (1-3) if you have one.  It all depends but you have to add this to your costs in the project.  You also need to look at closing costs as some lenders have high UW fees and legal fees. 

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