Mortgage loan officer at a bank

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So I have a friend who achieved financial freedom with 10 homes in Florida with a real estate agent/property mgr who takes care of him.

I want to follow his steps. He told me that the best thing he ever done was become a mortgage loan officer because it paid the most money out of any job he ever had plus it was the least pressured & stressful job than any other and I want to know what ya think of this

He has done every possible job that exists related to real estate. He also done different management jobs in constructions. And out of all these jobs he has done.

Being a mortgage loan officer gave the most money, less stress, less pressure, he wishes he can start all over and focus on that instead of everything else

I want to follow him. He is family to me. I don’t see him as often

So I want to learn from the BP community what are the stepping stones to become a mortgage loan officer

I have 13 yrs of retail experience, 5yrs of which are supervisor/management experience

And an associates in business admin.

And I have been thinking of getting some certificates in finance/ management to make a resume stick out a bit more for the bank world and try to reach the goal of becoming a mortgage loan officer.

Any tips from the beet community out there

The ONLY way for being a MLO and having the "least stress, less pressure," is to ONLY do refis, and to refuse all work with first time buyers. Most new LOs burn out and quit within a year or two, half stress out and can't hack it, the other half don't produce an can't hack it for that reason. 

I think your friend was either doing stated income trash loans in 2004-2007, or they oversold it.

But, hey, come on over and give it a shot.