We are in the middle of our first BRRRR (previous 5 rental all turnkey conventional purchases). I know we still have a ways to go on renovation and still 4 months until we can refi using the ARV but I wanted to ask you the BP family on just how to approach this refi.

We started an LLC as we have other partners in on the BRRRR and did a Quit Deed Claim to put the house purchase in an LLC along with the title insurance.

First question: Should we put cash purchases into an LLC or keep it personal moving forward?

When we go to refi I know if we do it in my wifes name we can apply for a conventional loan w/ a better interest rate. If we use the LLC we'll only have 1-2 months rent to show and would probably need a commercial loan or higher interest loan.

Second Question: If we put the title/deed into the LLC can we refi into my wifes name for conventional loan and better rate? Is that the best way to do it? Any and all advice to prepare for our first BRRRR refi would be helpful.

Bonus Question: Would you recommend in the future going in with partners with all our own cash (Splitting equity, but no hard money fees) or using hard money and being sole owner of the property but paying fees?

Thanks BP Family!