I need some advise or avenues

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This is personal not business but I could only turn to you all cuz I trust y’all.

My wife and I are selling our home. We will get quite a bit but not enough to purchase a house in the market. So we need some sort of loan to finish off.

I just started a business this year and it is going very well but you have to have 2 years of income proof and my wife started her dream of working for a nonprofit. So we can’t get a loan or I don’t know how to get a loan to finish off what we need.

Can y’all give some advice/wisdom?

Hi Chris-

Look to a Lender who warehouses their loans (rather than selling off to Fannie/Freddie). You will pay a higher interest rate but it will allow you to close on the home (sounds like you have enough equity) and give you the time you need to prove income and then refinance in 12 to 18 months once you have that demonstrated history in place.

Good luck!!


Non profit workers are typically W2 salaried employees. Why can't your wife get a loan?