Getting two loans at the same time

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I'm purchasing two new constructions for investement purpose and both of them are expected to be finished in 7 months. That being said, I will probably go through the loan closing procedures at the same time. How hard would it be to go through two loans at the same time? I asked my loan agent from Loandepot and he said it could be hard. But other loan agents said it's definitely doable. Have anyone had the same experiences before?

Thank you!

Number 1. If getting 2 loans at the same time, you should only do it with the same lender and loan officer. 

I have done this many times, so there are few extra things to take into account. Your loan officer needs to have experience with this and underwriting has to be willing to accept 2 at the same time, otherwise you are dead in the water as far as closing these loans at the same time. 

This takes a level of experience that some loan officers with the big box lenders just wont have? You might talk to a local Mortgage Banker or a Broker, their level of experience can be much more than the big box type lenders?

I hope this helps?