Issues with cash-out refinance

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Trying to cash-out refi on a long-held property and bank is stating there is 75k mortgage from the 90s with no documentation its paid off. Have refinanced same property since then with no issue so not sure why. How can I get the documentation to show the bank?

@Theodore Tasoulas ,  I would start by contacting the company that issued your title insurance. Get them working on the issue since you already paid them to protect you against this sort of thing.

You can also do some leg work yourself. Find out who the borrower was and the original lender and try contacting each.

You might also look at the deed filed AFTER that mortgage and see which title company or law office handled that closing. It might be on one of the documents. They might know something.

In my experience most times the issue is that the old loan is paid BUT the mortgage satisfaction document was never recorded. 

Why not close the refinance thru the title company that issued you title insurance last?

If you have a title policy submit a claim.  If the mtg is to a bank from the 90's there's a good chance it doesn't exist anymore.  That was the era of the Resolution Trust Corporation and banks where being closed down daily.  Getting a sat may be impossible.