Financing for several beach houses

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Here's a little bit about the situation. I'm graduating in a month with a financial management degree and am interested in real estate. My mom is a co-owner of a vacation home rental property business with my uncle. She is about 10 years younger then my uncle is who is looking to sell the properties soon (they have 7) but my mom isn't quite ready to retire. I was wondering if there was a way to buy out my uncle's stake in the business even though I have little experience and little capital. My mom's line of credit is small as they just bought a new house too. I'm guessing there's some way to do this as the properties have good cash flow and my mom has the experience in managing them well. I would really love to continue the family business instead of watching them liquidate it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks on advanced!

Hi ... maybe you could buy out your uncle with regular monthly payments. This could provide income for him.

Thanks for that idea! I think that wouldn't really be any different than the cash flow he's already receiving from the rentals though. I would need to buy him out with cash I presume.

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