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I am in negotiation to purchase a package of 5 single family residences from an individual owner. She owners the properties clear title. She is asking 299k for them and frankly I think she wants out. Being a landlord is not her thing. I believe the properties will appraise for 350K in total. We have 30K cash we can put into the deal and she will carry 40K as a second (7% interest amortized over 9yrs but a 5 year balloon payment). So, we need a first of 229K. As we are from out of country we are only able to get a first for 65% LTV ($195K). Obviously when you add up our down payment of 30K, first mortgage of 195K and seller 2nd mortgage of 30K you can see that we are 34K short of the 299K total price. Can anyone think of a creative (and legal) way to structure this deal so that we don't need to come up with additional funds. (Will the lender use 299K (purchase price) or 350K (Appraised value) as the lending value?). If they will lend on the appraised value and not the purchase price then our problem is solved. 65% of 350K would be 227,500. This would put us short by only $1500 which we could put together. Also, as a point of interest we will be buying under the name of our LLC. We do own two other rentals but they are already leveraged at approximately 65% LTV so there is not really any equity we can get out of them to use for this purchase. Any thoughts/ideas on a structure for this.



@Ian MacLeod  Based on my experience, the lender will lend you based on the purchase price (not the Appraised value).  

One way would be to (some how) have the title transfer to your name and 3 months later do a refinance based on the Apprised value.  The seller must be willing to work with you by doing a "subject to" , "purchase option" or some other similar contract that will allow you to transfer the properties under your name or entity.

Also consider the tax implication when transferring property and IRS rules for "discussed sales"

However, good luck with getting a loan (non recourse) of that amount with an LLC, especially if it haves less than 2 years and no financial statements that shows that the business is profitable.

Sounds to me like there is quite a bit of speculation and not much fact in this post. Have you actually talked to a lender who said they have a loan program that will lend to an LLC on 5 single family homes or are you assuming a lender will do such a transaction?

I'd definitely pursue seller financing on this transaction. That would be my first course of negotiation.

Gee, for starters, it would be nice to know if this property is in the United States. I agree with my friend Aaron. Light on facts; heavy on speculation.

Stateside, LLC or not, conventional lenders are not likely to lend very high LTV (if at all) on a package or cluster of houses. That's the realm of hard money. A small regional bank might make a commercial loan if they have a strong, pre-existing relationship.

For ideas on seller financing like this one, check out "Fixer" Jay Decima's material on colony houses. 

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