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If you own an investment property outright, no mortgage, what options exist for borrowing against the value?  whats a typical % of appraised value can you borrow? aside from hard dollar lenders, do traditional banks/lenders work in this space?  i'm sure there's plenty of other questions I'm not asking.


I have heard of lenders doing cash out for up to 80% but I believe 70-75% is more the norm. I have also heard of some lenders doing a HELOC with a much lower cash out, around 60-70%. This would be an ideal situation as you would only be paying interest on the funds you were using at the time. Unfortunately I personally have not found a lender that is willing to do this but am on the lookout. I would check with a local credit union, local bank, and mortgage broker to see what information they can give you. Each lender will have different options and requirements.

TD Bank does HELOCs on investment property to 75% LTV. I'm in the middle of the process and honestly I'm really disappointed with the fact that it's already taken over 2 months and has been quite a runaround, but they're the only bank I've found so far that does them (though I haven't looked very hard either). The HELOC is at a 5% variable interest rate.

Your other option is a straight up cash-out refi. The closings costs will be higher than a HELOC, but you'll get a very low fixed rate for the life of the loan. You'll find more banks willing to do this. Most will only be willing to go as high as 75%. For conventional financing, Amerisave is hard to beat, but their closing really sucks and they push you to use their own settlement company, which is questionably legal with respect to RESPA.


I've done this before.  In my situation, I wanted to keep the monthly payments at $1700 which after expenses still had some monthly cash flow from rents.  Which I think is the most important.  As long as the property pays the debit, its a great idea to free up cash to reinvest.

I told this number to my lender and he provided the loan, we closed in 30 days.


This is the most frustrating part about RE investing cashing out and HELOC. I wish the process was easier.

i am looking into B2R finance who is a BP sponsor. Haven't done much yet but I plan to investigate more.

The two main options you have are to do a cash-out refi or a HELOC on the property. Both have their pros and cons, and determining which is better depends on your individual situation and what/how you plan to use the money.

Different lenders are going to have different criteria.  Some won't even do them on investment properties, but some will.  You'll just have to call around to find a lender that works for you.

As for what a typical % of appraised value can you borrow, again, that will vary by lender. However, in my experience, I've found that a cash-out refi is around 75% LTV and a HELOC is around 60-65% LTV (for investment properties). You will undoubtedly find some that do more or less if you call around. This is just what I've experienced with the lenders I've used.

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